AN INTRODUCTION: In the Face of Negativity

My name is Roberto Badillo.

I love all movies.

Long, short, boring, exciting, funny, dramatic, sad and everything in between. I don’t count myself as a positive person but if there is one thing that people who really know me can’t deny is that everytime somebody asks me for my “review” of a movie I’ll most likely say something within the lines of “I really liked”, “It’s cool”, It’s not so bad, it was…” “Yeah it’s not perfect but…”.

I like to see the bright side on every film that I watch. Which brings me to this experiment of sorts, wanting to share some of that positivity in the face of what sometimes seems like a pretty negative landscape in filmmaking and perhaps in general.

Here’s how it will work: I’ll take any movie that is recommended to me or that I might enjoy that is considered “bad” and I’ll break them down into the following:

The Good:

Whether it’s singling out a performance or an actor, the direction, the script, the music, the lighting, discussing particular scenes, whether the catering must have been good and so on and so forth. Just as there is the belief that every person has something good to them, then so can the same be said about movies. After all, nobody sets out to make a bad movie, do they?

The Badillo: Personal favorites from the film which include

  • – The best shots: My personal favorite shots.
  • – The best dialogue: No context, just the words.
  • – The soundtrack: Favorite tracks and songs from the soundtrack.

The Between: Random trivia and facts about the featured movie.

Now, what criteria is being used to pick which movies are “bad”? After all film, like any form of art, is subjective. I’ll be using the rating system from Rotten tomatoes as the internet has collectively decided that’s the end all be all barometer for what’s thumbs up and thumbs down.

Now to be clear, I am not defending nor promoting any of these movies, I only encourage you to check out any of them out if you think you might have an interest in them. Seeing is believing after all.

Finally, this is not the space for negativity no matter what my personal opinions are. For that, you have any of the other millions of review sites. But if you want to know my opinion, I’m always open to a stimulating conversation.

Without further ado, welcome to THE GOOD, THE BADillo AND THE BETWEEN.

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