With a new year comes resolutions and changes. With this in mind, some changes have been implemented to how reviews will be written from now on. Even the word “review” may be incorrect as there won’t be many criticisms found here.

Rather than discuss paragraph by paragraph both the good and bad elements from what I’ve seen, a slightly different analysis will be made which mirrors the articles I write as “Acts”. This means that all reviews will be closer to the format seen there with the following sections:

  • The Good: An introduction of the film, discussing its history and background
  • The Badillo: My subjective analysis of the film and what I believe are aspects that should be celebrated along with a separate look into its music and the piece of dialogue that stood out to me most. I may be adding other points here at a later time.
  • The Between: Trivia and information on the making of the film
  • Final Thoughts: My overall feelings towards the film condensed into a single image.

As I said, because of these changes no negative elements about the movie will be detailed. So how will you know whether I liked it or not? I trust that the amount of positives I list as well as my overall tone should give you a clue on that.

Ultimately all art is subjective and at the end you may either agree or completely disagree with my feelings towards any work reviewed here. But if what you read intrigues you, I hope that’s enough to help you make the decision on whether you are willing to spend time sitting down in a dark theater (or living room) and watch the movie or not.

There’s enough pages with negativity around the internet and as I’ve said elsewhere, this page started as a celebration of film and I want everything I write in this blog to reflect that, so I feel these changes were necessary.

Hope you enjoy them.

I’ll be seeing you.

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