LA HISTORIA Una comedia anárquica inspirada en el hip-hop que sigue a cuatro chicos de la ciudad en una caminata por la naturaleza mientras intentan escapar de un misterioso cazador. LA INTRODUCCIÓN Ver a niños y jóvenes en peligro no debería ser divertido, sin embargo, Gremlins, The Goonies, The Monster Squad, Super 8, entre … Continue reading RESEÑA: GET DUKED!


THE STORY An anarchic, hip-hop inspired comedy that follows four city boys on a wilderness trek as they try to escape a mysterious huntsman. THE INTRODUCTION Watching kids in danger shouldn't be fun, yet Gremlins, The Goonies, The Monster Squad, Super 8, many others, disagree with that statement, as we've gotten some great entertainment … Continue reading REVIEW: GET DUKED!

REVIEW: Knives Out

THE STORY A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family. THE INTRODUCTION Director Rian Johnson loves a good mystery. Throughout his diverse and eclectic career, the genre has been present in one form or another, from a teenager investigating the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend to a young girl looking … Continue reading REVIEW: Knives Out

REVIEW: Gemini Man

THE STORY An over-the-hill hitman faces off against a younger clone of himself. THE REVIEW Ang Lee is a particularly interesting director. Undoubtedly talented, the auteur tends to jump between different genres with varying degrees of success, from smaller scale dramas like Brokeback Mountain, to fantastical action epics such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon … Continue reading REVIEW: Gemini Man

REVIEW: The Standoff At Sparrow Creek

THE STORY During the course of a night a former cop-turned-militia man investigates a shooting at a police funeral which originated from one of the men that are within his militia. THE REVIEW Films set in one location always bring up an interesting prospect as filmmakers are forced to look towards other areas to … Continue reading REVIEW: The Standoff At Sparrow Creek

RESEÑA: The Standoff At Sparrow Creek

LA HISTORIA Durante el transcurso de una noche, un ex-policía convertido en militante investiga un tiroteo en un funeral de un policía que se originó a partir de uno de los hombres que están dentro de su milicia. LA RESEÑA Las películas ambientadas en una sola locación siempre presentan una perspectiva interesante, ya que … Continue reading RESEÑA: The Standoff At Sparrow Creek